1. District agrees to furnish and install at its expense, a water meter and/or tap of the size, type, and make to meet the requirements of the consumer. Title to said meter shall be vested in District; same shall be read, from time to time, by authorized representative of District; consumer hereby gives such representative permission to enter his premises for this purpose.

2. Consumer shall lay, at his expense, and shall own and maintain any and all lateral, service lines, or pipes from said meter/tap on his premises.

3. Consumer agrees not to waste water; District shall have the right to determine what constitutes waste and may act when necessary to restrict the use of water or cut off same in order to stop such waste.

4. Consumer agrees, in the event said meter/tap is damaged or destroyed, except by the act of District, that same shall be replaced or repaired at the consumerís expense.

5. Consumer shall pay fees in accordance to those determined and set by the Board of Commissioners; such fees are subject to change by the Board of Commissioners whenever deemed necessary by same in accordance with the laws of the state of Tennessee. These fees available upon request.

6. A monthly bill will be rendered by the District and unless same is paid within ten days after the due date, the District shall have the right to shut off the water without notice, same shall not be reinstated until consumer has paid all amounts due, including a service fee.

7. District does not guarantee quantity, flow, or quality of water and makes no warranty either expressed or implied, that the supply will be sufficient to meet consumerís needs.

8. District may, when necessary to make repairs or for any other reason shut off consumerís water supply without being liable therefore.

9. District shall have the right at any time to make, change and put into effect rules and regulations governing the use of water, as well as establishing, setting and changing of fees.

10. Backflow device repairs and maintenance are the responsibility of the customer. Required annual testing performed by Certified WHUD personnel.

11. In the event of a violation of breach of this agreement by the consumer, District shall have the right to cut off consumerís water and the same shall not be turned on except by the District, upon consumer correcting such violation or breach and payment of a fee therefore.

12. The foregoing agreement shall be binding upon the parties hereto, their heirs, successors, personal representative lessees, grantees, and assigns and may only be cancelled by consumer giving written notice to the District.

13. Sewer service line installation specifications and sewer inspection request forms are available on our website under Construction Support in the specifications section. Preliminary and final sewer inspections are required and must be completed before service can be transferred. Contact WHUDís Engineering Department at 615-672-4110 x 241 to obtain detailed information about connecting to our sewer mains and to find out if there are any additional costs to be incurred by the customer. Retail, commercial, and multi-family fees will be calculated on an individual basis.